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BBQ Accessories

BBQ Accessories and Gifts For Sale.
A super selection of BBQ accessories to help improve your BBQ skills and ensure delicious results from your next Barbecue party.

Barbecue accessories make excellent and original gifts that will last for years which include: sausage holders, temperature  probes, charcoal chimney starters, rib racks, marinade injectors, food baskets, fish holders, kebab skewers,
chicken roasters and pie irons.

For cleaning the BBQ we supply BBQ cleaning fluid and cleaning brushes.
Everything for the BBQ enthusiast. Excellent ideas for BBQ Christmas gifts for dad.

Why not have fun with a super way of cooking a whole chicken using a beer can chicken rack, these can be used in a normal oven indoors.
Landmann Charcoal Chimney Starter
Need to top up your charcoal? This charcoal
starter makes this process easy, simply place some newspaper or fire
lighters in the lower chamber.

Then fill with charcoal, It takes about 20 minutes
to get the charcoal ready to pour.

If you have trouble lighting your charcoal
this may be the answer.

Ideal if you have regular barbecue's and need
to keep it going for longer periods or excellent for topping up your
Landmann Selection Charcoal Chimney Starter
Landmann Selection Charcoal Starter is a quick and easy way to light your charcoal and get cooking faster.

The chimney design draws air through the charcoal to reduce waiting time.
Landmann Selection Vegetable Basket
Stainless steel vegetable basket for grilling vegetables and small pieces of food.
Great for a stir fry side dish.

Can be used on gas and charcoal barbecues.
Landmann Pure Range BBQ Skewers 2
2 Stainless steel skewers with movable extractor for removing food.
Triangular shape skewers to prevent the food from slipping round.

Quality barbecue accessory ideally suited for use with gas or charcoal barbecues.
Grill Pro Stainless Steel Sauce Pot
Heavy duty stainless steel pot for use on side burner or grill surface. Ideal for BBQ basting sauce.

Super Heavy Duty Quality.
Pack of 3 BBQ Cook Pans
Set of 3 cook pans for barbecuing small pieces of food on your gas or charcoal barbecue.
Great for grilling onions for burgers.
Cast Iron Smoker Pot
Designed for pellets and woodchips

Excellent product, tried and tested by Planet Barbecue.
Ideal for charcoal and lava rock barbecue's and smokers.
No Need to soak wood pellets or chips when you use a smoker pot.

Excellent product, tried and tested by Planet Barbecue.

Stainless Steel Smoker Box
Rugged stainless steel wood chip smoker box allows wood chips to smoke for longer for richer smoke flavour.
The advantage of a box is that the chips smoulder and produce smoke rather than burn and produce heat.
For use with charcoal BBQ's, smokers and gas barbecues.

No need to soak woodchips in water when using a smoker box.

Dimensions: 17.5 X 7.8cm approx
Stainless Steel Quick Mist Oil Sprayer
The Quick Mist oil pump action sprayer is a multi-functional, non-aerosol mist sprayer.

Use to baste food or to coat cooking grids. Use with olive or cooking oil.
Spray your grill before cooking to stop food sticking.

Simple to use.

(Oil not included)

(-27.79%)  12.99
Stainless Steel BBQ Basting Set
Internal measure on the pan to make BBQ sauce easy, also Includes basting brush.

Stainless Steel.
Buschbeck BBQ Pizza Oven.
Pizza oven for masonry, gas or charcoal BBQ

Made from a combination of tough enamelled steel and stainless steel and features a high performance ceramic bakerstone.
Bake pizzas, bread or even cakes.

Just place on top of your charcoal or gas BBQ cooking grill.
Bear Paws for Pulled Pork
Pulled pork made easy with these Bear Paws.
Pull pork like the professionals.
Landmann Stainless Steel and Silicon Basting Brush
16" Round handle with natural bristles and hanging ring for storage.

Soft touch handle

Stainless steel construction

Length: 39cm

(-25.03%)  5.99
Landmann Marinade Injector
For easy marinating on the inside of meat, great for injecting apple juice into pork.

Try injecting orange juice into duck.

Boxed so makes ideal gift

Landmann Aluminium Burger Press
Make your own juicy burgers and add your favourite herbs and spices.

Ribbed for a professional finish to your burgers.

Non stick coating and detachable handle for easy cleaning.

Dishwasher Safe and great for kids to make their own burgers

11cm Diameter
Landmann Enamelled BBQ Cooking Tray
Enamelled BBQ tray with ventilation holes to allow barbecue flavour to pass to your food. 

Suitable for small pieces of food like chicken wings, veg, peppers and onions.
Landmann Barbecue Lamp with 10 LEDs
Fit a LED light stick on your grill so you can grill well into the night and all year round.

Grilled BBQ chicken for dinner even in November!

10 LEDs Warm white light enough to light your cooking area.
(-25.01%)  14.99
Black Leather BBQ Gloves
Heavy duty leather gloves protect your arms and hands while cooking over a hot grill.

Quality black Leather ideal for handling hot cooking grills.