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Asado Boat BBQ

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Asado Boat BBQ
  • Asado Boat BBQ
  • Asado Boat BBQ
  • Asado Boat BBQ
  • Asado Boat BBQ
  • Asado Boat BBQ
The Instant BBQ is perfect for boats. water tight and easily stored. No need to keep half full bags of charcoal on your boat.

The Asado Boat BBQ was specifically designed to make having a BBQ on your boat simple & safe and an enjoyable event. 

Asado Boat BBQ comes with a clamp which once placed on your boat rail will stay there read foryour next BBQ
When you want a BBQ then the frame can be retrieved from storage and slotted over the clamp.
The instant BBQ can then be placed in it and lit. 
The whole job can be done in a matter of seconds. 

Your first instant BBQ is always supplied with your order.

The Boat BBQ fits both 22mm and a 25mm boat rail.

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