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Large Charcoal Rotisserie BBQ

Large Charcoal Rotisserie BBQ
We think it's the best quality charcoal rotisserie BBQ available.

With 9 kebab skewers, main spit holds 2 chickens and barbecue rotisserie baskets included.

Perfect hands free barbecuing and delicious results every time.

£250 off list price of £849.99 and now on sale at £599.99 with a free cover and free delivery.

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Football BBQ Chicken

Football BBQ ChickenWorld Cup Football and Barbecuing?
Try our football chicken BBQ recipe.

You can barbecue and still watch the game!

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BBQ Black Banana

BBQ Black BananaBanana cut with a sharp knife and then mash with a fork. add chocolate and grill on the barbecue.
Quick and easy BBQ pudding.

Black Banana Recipes
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BBQ Gammon Steaks

BBQ Gammon SteaksFor a quick barbecue BBQ gammon steaks are ideal.
Spray each gammon with cooking oil to help them stop sticking to the grill.

With a very hot barbecue to get that char-grilled flavour, grill for about 8 minutes each side.
Best served with double egg and chips.

For a larger meal add our  BBQ Sausages Recipe

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Quick Spatchcock BBQ Smoked Chicken

Quick Spatchcock BBQ Smoked Chicken
Insert a drip tray under the centre of the cooking grill, add cherry woodchips in an open tin over one of the burners.
Preheat your BBQ to 200 degrees C.

Cut the backbone out of the chicken using a good quality pair of scissors or poultry cutters.
Press the breast side of the chicken down with your hand to make flat.

Add a light coating olive oil all over the chicken, rub smoked paprika and salt and pepper into the chicken.
When the woodchips have started smoking, place on the barbecue and cook using the indirect cooking method.

Cook for one hour (turn the chicken over using tongs halfway through cooking time)
Glaze with honey and crisp the skin over direct heat (grilling)
Remove and allow the rest for 15  minutes.

BBQ Whole Chicken Recipe

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Easter Roast Turkey on the BBQ

Easter Roast Turkey on the BBQ
Just a simple barbecue roast turkey for Easter.

Add washed giblets, 2 onions and 2 carrots peeled and chopped to the roasting tin.
Add a tablespoon of rosemary, 4 cloves of garlic and a pint of hot water.

Prepared the turkey for normal oven roasting, we added a smoked streaky bacon lattice top to help keep the breast moist.
Add a coating of olive oil to the turkey and season with salt and black pepper.

Add the turkey to the roasting tin.
Cover the turkey with foil and seal on the edge of the tin. Add to a preheated BBQ at around 180 degrees using the indirect cooking method.

Turn the middle burner off so no direct heat under the roasting tin.
One hour before the end of the estimated cooking time remove the foil and continue cooking.

20 minutes before the end of the cooking time glaze the turkey with a 50/50 mixture of orange marmalade and honey, glaze again after ten minutes
Remove turkey cover with foil and allow the rest, it will stay hot for over an hour so you can now roast your potatoes.

BBQ Smoked Turkey Recipe

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