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67cm X 40cm Quality Chromium Plated Replacement Grill

(Code: CGRILL1)
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£ 39.99
67cm X 40cm Quality Chromium  Plated Replacement GrillSuitable for masonry or brick built BBQ' s
Heavy Duty
Handles now with black inlays.
Dimensions 67 X 40cm

Suitable for Chicago, Florida, Granada,  Newport, Vancouver or any masonry BBQ that requires a 67cm grill.
Customer reviews
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Looks the part, havenít as yet tried Ďunder fireí so to speak.

If I can access this again later, Iíll report as and when used.
Barry T.
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We bought the original masonry BBQ from Planet Barbeque a few years ago. It is still going strong and we have never had a problem with it. It is used regularly and we were glad to be able to purchase a new grill for it from the web site. I would definitely recommend these products. The service was good and a fast delivery.
Eileen D.