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1 Litre Western Willy's Chestnut Wood Chips

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1 Litre Western Willy's Chestnut Wood Chips
  • 1 Litre Western Willy's Chestnut Wood Chips
  • 1 Litre Western Willy's Chestnut Wood Chips
  • 1 Litre Western Willy's Chestnut Wood Chips
1 Litre Tub of Chestnut Restaurant Grade Woodchips From Western Willy.

High quality grade woodchips as used by London BBQ restaurants. Pure wood no additives and produced from managed forests.

Supplied in a stylish black bucket tub with handle. The tub is ideal for soaking the woodchips.

Soak a small handful of woodchips for 30 minutes and then add to hot charcoal.
Alternatively wrap woodchips in silver foil and add to hot charcoal (no need to soak)

Ideal for poultry, pork, ham, sausages.

3 Tub sizes to choose from: 1 Litre (£4.99), 5 Litre (£19.99) and large 20 Litre (£49.99)
See Choose Tub Size Above.

Whole Turkey Recipe Smoked With Western Willy's Chestnut Woodchips.

First time success using Western Willy's woodchips.

Dry woodchips applied to the white-hot charcoal using a stainless steel smoker box.
The woodchips started smoking within one minute. The well seasoned turkey was added to the BBQ and the lid closed.
When the smoking stopped after around 20 minutes, for extra smoky flavour, we smoked again with a second handful of chips.

The turkey was then left cooking in the BBQ for 2 hours, we then applied a glaze made from chilli flakes, honey and olive oil and cooked for another hour.

Repeat the glaze after 30 minutes.

The combination of a well seasoned turkey, the nutty flavour of chestnut woodchips and a super simple sticky glaze resulted in a great looking festive dish with a fantastic aroma.

A metal dish half filled with water or cider over the charcoal side of the grill is recommended to keep the turkey moist during barbecuing.